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light switch info needed

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  • light switch info needed

    Hey All.. My buddy Ben is finishing up his 55 conestoga project.
    He has a new headlight switch he was told is for this car
    He called and asked if I could ask for info from the forum.
    It's an INDAK brand, looking at it from the back there are 6 terminals, 3 on each side.
    top 2 on left are joined and lettered IF-bottom left is T.
    top right is P, center B and bottom H
    Hes looking for any help as to which terminal is for what..Todd

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    h = headlights (goes to dimmer switch)
    b = battery
    i = instruments
    t = taillights
    p = parking

    meter it out and make sure but I think that's right (i and t should be the same - "p" was used because front parking lights go out in the headlight position unlike modern cars)

    I think that there should be a circuit breaker attached to the switch, yes? or is this a wraparound car?


    55 Commander Starlight
    55 Commander Starlight


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      P is Parking
      H is Headlights
      B might be Battery
      T might be Tail lights, not the same as Parking, which are in front.

      Use a continuity tester, assume B is power supply, check to see what are connected and what aren't.

      Pull the knob out one click, B. T and P will be connected.

      Pull it out two clicks, B, T and H will be connected.

      If IF is common to both, its' dash lights.

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        The 'F' terminal goes to the fog light switch if so equipped. Otherwise, it stays empty.