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  • bowhawk
    I borrowed one from Auto Zone. I had to get some different bolts but it worked. Put a little tention on it and a gentle whack on the center of the puller and it should fall off.
    No big deal.

    Bill Bow

    1962 GT Hawk
    Montverde, Florida

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  • jclary
    Since these wheels are not being produced anymore...('cept for the excellent high end work of the Shrock Brothers)...I don't understand why anyone would attempt to remove one without a puller. Later model wheels have built in puller holes on the hub once the covers (or horn button) are removed. If you are into working on these old cars, your tool stash should include a standard gear/hub puller set. On some of the older steering wheels, workarounds can be improvised. Here is one I have used with success in the past.

    In this particular case, the wheel was just too rusty and stuck for this improvised puller to do the job.

    My next attempt was to use a bearing splitter tool as seen in the following picture. From now on...this will be my first choice on this type of steering wheel. Had the wheel removed in minutes.

    John Clary
    Greer, SC

    Life... is what happens as you are making plans.
    SDC member since 1975

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  • mbstude
    Last one I removed was on my '59 truck. Ended up using a hammer. Of course, that method destroyed the wheel.

    Matthew Burnette
    Hazlehurst, GA

    Biggs' H2O-Induction

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  • raoul5788
    I have never had any luck getting a wheel off without a puller. I don't even bother trying anymore, I just get it out and use it!

    '63 Cruiser daily driver
    '57 Packard wagon on the road!

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  • Tom Bredehoft
    It's possible, but not guarantee'd. I disassembled my '55 after 50 plus years of being together by removing the horn ring, the nut on the shaft, and tapping the back of the spokes with a soft hammer. It popped right off. Others, if there is any rust on the splines may need a puller.

    Tom Bredehoft
    '53 Commander Coupe (since 1959)
    '55 President (6H Y6) State Sedan
    ....On the road, again....
    '05 Legacy Ltd Wagon
    All Indiana built cars

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  • 14x7
    started a topic steering wheel puller

    steering wheel puller

    Is it true you don't need a steering wheel puller to pull off the steering wheel? That's what I gather from the forum!