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Installing a Overdrive Solenoid

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  • Installing a Overdrive Solenoid

    Is there a trick to installing an o/d solenoid? I read the service manual several times ('51 Champion) but it's a little vague. I understand it's easy to install it wrong by not turning the shaft a quarter turn or something. I don't want to take mine out unless I'm confident I can get it back in right. Thanks for any help.

    Dennis Napier

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    Just unbolt, rotate to release, and remove, reverse to install. I don't recall CW or CCW, read the book.

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      It's really easy, Dennis. undo the wires, undo the two bolts holding it to the tranny and turn it CCW about a quarter turn. Then extract it. Reverse of same proceedure going back in with it. Really - very easy.

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        Thank you, gentlemen for the advice. Now on to locating another solenoid, which will require a new topic.

        Dennis Napier