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  • Turn signal switch 55

    SI is out right now of turn signal switches for 55 presidents.I was wondering . Napa doesn't have them. Are my chances good for asking other vendors in turning wheels, or would I have better luck surfing the web ring vendors? SI might have them after the sasco inventory , in a few months.

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    Check with the vendors. I found one (I really found near half a dozen) for my '55 at Lancaster in the swap area. I got my choice, picked on in original (at least it looked original) plastic bag, lowest cost in the show. It works a charm. The trick to installing it, I used a piece of mechanic's wire and pulled one lead thru the steering column at at time.

    Tom Bredehoft
    '53 Commander Coupe (since 1959)
    '55 President (6H Y6) State Sedan
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      Try google. Sometimes I'll google "Studebaker (part number)" and I'll find Roscoe Stelford has it.
      Brad Johnson,
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