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water temperature sensing unit

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  • water temperature sensing unit

    Is their a quick way of testing water temp sensing unit? temp gauge was checked prior to reassembling dash and appeared to be ok. wire from sensing unit to gauge is ok. it's in a 56 golden hawk if that makes any difference.

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    I really like the new infared thermometers. I got mine at Harbor Freight for $39.00. I use it for everything, checking the temp of the grill, checking the operation of the A/C, in the home. After doing all of the stuff to the wiring, and gauge, found that the temp was right on the money. It is not a bad investment.


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      The shop manual says to connect a gauge that is known to be correct directly to the sending unit and to provide a good ground for the gauge. There must be another way though that doesnt involve an actual temperature gauge.

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