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'37 Dictator flywheel and ring gear

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  • '37 Dictator flywheel and ring gear

    I recently acquired an original '37 Dictator engine to rebuild for my coupe-express (Ihope it's rebuildable). Other engine candidates I had on hand were one from a '49 Commander and one from a '49 to '53 R14 truck according to the engine numbers. I have been told that Commander engines up to about '49 are pretty much the same as the '37 Dictator. I noticed that the ring gear on the '37 engine showed damage in a couple of places where the teeth of the starter drive didn't mesh properly. I assume that these are the places the engine usually stops. I thought I'd swap out the flywheel and ring gear from one of the other engines but when I checked the parts manuals the '37 has a different number than all the other years. Does anyone know what the difference is and whether I can swap the Commander flywheel into the Dictator? The only thing I checked was number of ring gear teeth and both had 130 teeth. One interesting thing I noted was that one of the Commander engines had a starter moter on it that was supposed to be unique to '37 Dictator. That ring gear showed no damage so a '37 starter apparently works in the Commander

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    I have a '38 Commander engine here, and it has a functional ring gear. I have had it running, and it cranks OK.

    If the ring gear damage doesn't go too deep, you can remove the ring gear, flip it over, and press it back on. (usually) I have done this with success in the past. You also probably could get away with building up the worn teeth with weld, and forming them back to their proper profile with a Dremel grinder. They are not hardened steel.

    Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands
    Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands


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      I just discovered this forum and was reading your issue you have, I can't give you any advice but wanted to say I to, have a 1937 coupe express which is in storage, probably about three projects away.It is not running but is complete for the exception of original wheels and I don't know what is correct, but in future if you need something compared I would be glad to help. MITCH


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        The 1937 Dictator engine is 3 1/4 bore.
        1938 and up is 3 5/16 bore.
        Bob Kapteyn


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          Gord===Thanks for the tip. When I first looked at that gear my first inclination was to flip it over. I'm glad someone else confirmed that. I did it yesterday morning. It took about 45 minutes and I didn't even have to resort to the old heat-the-gear-up-in-the-oven trick like I used to do when installing brake reinforcing bands on Model A brake drums. Thanks again. Tom