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installing glass /vent window

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  • installing glass /vent window

    Installing wing window glass, is this something I can do? I have old glass out , and vent window assembly on work bench. Have tried installing window sealer ,and window. Doesn't want to move ,and I'm kind of leery of hitting it with rubber mallet. They didn't cut the bottom of the wing window very even, kind of dips,and comes up again. Should I use a adhesive in the stainless part at all? The factory didn't. Should I wrap the sealer around glass ,and then install? 55 president ,2 door c body [V][V][V][V]Will the sealer break if I try numerous times to install the wing window? Should I take it to glass shop on my free time?

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    Rubber mallet .........ONLY way to go !

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      The dip in the bottom edge is usual. It should avoid stressing the edge of the glass on the latch rivets.
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