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  • PCV valve part number

    I need the part number for a '62-'64 V/8 PCV valve. Can anyone help?Thanks

    Jim Caldwell
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    For 63V engines, the early ones used the Straight PCV Valve 1558379, and the late ones used the 1560668 Elbow Type so you did not need the 45 degree piece of steel tubing and (2) hoses to connect it. These are both 3/8" Hose on both ends.

    For the '64's it is a 1561585 used with the pipe thread fitting in the lifter cover to screw it into, and 3/8" Hose nipple on the other end. they were all made by Carter, but good luck finding one NOW! [:0]

    WARNING: be especially cautious of the GM type PCV Valves that are easily found that look correct but are BACKWARDS, they are made to screw into the Carb. and attach the hose on the other end. But the flow is TO the threaded end, and it needs to be to the HOSE end to go to the Carb. This will cause serious engine damage.

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