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restoration details on a 60 Lark engine needed

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  • restoration details on a 60 Lark engine needed

    I am restoring a 60 Lark V8,and want to make it factory correct looking.
    My car has a silver engine with black valve covers,and is a Canadian produced car.
    I noticed upon cleaning,that these parts had silver paint on them: engine mount brackets,inc rubber mounts,trans mount,bellhousing,transmission itself,clutch release bracket/pivot etc,lower crank pulley,carb linkage,generator brackets.Were all these in place when the engine was painted silver at the factory?
    I also found the 4 clamps for the intake manifold were semi-gloss black.Were these installed after for some reason?[maybe the engine was hung by those bolt holes during installation and then the bolts and clamps were installed later?]
    I really want this engine to appear authentic.Has anyone got the correct info to help out?Thanks.

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    That's what I gathered from looking at my engine.Seems like they just sprayed the whole assembly with most parts attached.Looks sloppy,but probably is correct.Any other guys with original engines to support this theory?


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      This inspires the question how would an engine painted as factory original is described fare in judging? Not well I suspect.

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        I think that you are right. I also think that is why SDC judges against a standard instead of car against car. An over restored car, Trailor Queen, would always out score an original. That is also why it is so hard to judge. A hand built car, fit and finish is way better than production.

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