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  • gordr
    Tom is probably right, but a weak starter, typically caused by bad brushes, can do the same as it does not get revs up fast enough to make the Bendix engage. The drive gear "floats" on a screw thread, with a spring that forces it AWAY from the flywheel. When the starter gets juice, its shaft is supposed to spin within the pinion gear, making it track the screw thread out to the end of the shaft, and engage the ring gear.

    A weak starter won't spin up fast enough to allow this inertia effect to work. A buildup of heavy oil on the starter drive will gum it up and do the same thing. The starter drive should be dry, or lubricated with a dry lubricant like a film of moly spray.

    Take the starter out, and clean it and service it according to the shop manual. It is a pretty simple piece of hardware.

    Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands

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  • tluz
    I actually know the answer to this one.

    I've blown through a couple of starter drivers (also called "Bendixes") on my 56 T-Bird. The starter motor is spinning but is not engaging the driver. When you pull the starter you will find either that the pin holding the driver on the shaft has slipped out or the driver gear that meshes with the flywheel has completely disintegrated and is in pieces at the bottom of the bellhousing.

    The good news is that the starter motor is working and that new drivers are usually not too pricey.

    Good luck.


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  • r1lark
    Gumnmed up or broken bendix?

    Time to pull the starter off to get a closer look.

    Winston-Salem, NC
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  • tirebiter4659
    started a topic starter prob

    starter prob

    I yie yie,,, starter makes a quietish spinning noise when first turned on and doesn't engage. The truck is a 6V pos ground.. We tried powering it hot of the battery, positive side too,, and still got that quietish whirling. Soooo?

    a brazilion thanks for your considerationzzz.....