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Torque #'s

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  • Torque #'s

    When bolting down the kingpins and all front end nuts/bolts, does anyone have a quick reference for the torq specifications on an 63 Avanti. Thanks, for your help. Its going to the painter the end of this month.

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    All the torque specs are in the front of the shop manual. Did you 'do' the whole front end without a manual? Did you remember to spread the control arms when you installed the outer pins? Do you know you are supposed to lower the car to normal ride height before tightening the control arm to frame bushings? There's a lot of different torque specs here because everything is a different size. Do you need all? The kingpin nuts go to first cotter pin hole after 100 ft.lbs.

    Tim K.
    '64 R2 GT Hawk
    Tim K.
    \'64 R2 GT Hawk