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Flight-o-matic to 4 speed conversion

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  • Flight-o-matic to 4 speed conversion

    OK here for the thoughts of those much wiser than myself. I got the 60 Hawk to the NCSDC meet this weekend and boy it was a great meet. But on the way there she must have puked the front trans seal. Boy what a cloud of smoke[:0]. I happen to have a complete 4 speed setup, everything from the pedals to the drive shaft and since I am pulling the motor for the rebuild. I thought why not? I have the motor ready to come out, working on the trans mounting now. So my question is Just how hard is this going to be in your mind? I bet I get to use 4 letter words alot while I am doing it[}]

    Good to see you there at the meet blackhawk 61.

    60 Black Hawk
    On the road Again

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    I changed a 1957 Golden Hawk to a 4-speed "way back " but the best I can remember the clutch pedals and linkage were the worst of it. I used 1961 parts that I bought "from a Studebaker dealer"(remember them ?)I think the rear mount for a 4-speed fit right on the original crossmember.Of course I am working from memory here But I don't remember it being that bad.It sure did run good !...I thought it was fast before ! [^]

    1961 Hawk 4BC,4-SPEED,TT

    (formerly chevpartsman)
    1961 Hawk ...4-Speed;4bc;Twin Traction

    Ken Byrd


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      If you have got all the parts, it is a bolt-in. As mentioned earlier, there is usually a lot of gunk in and around the pedal mounts. Get a pressure washer under there and you will be glad you did. A clean engine compartment and undercarriage is easier to work on.

      Do you know what gear ratio you have? The automatics usually came with 3.07 or 3.31. Four-speeds usually like 3.54 or 3.73 if you want to do any drag racing.

      Do you know what gear ratio your 4-spd has? If it is a 2.20 first gear, you will definitely need the 3.73 rear gear to get it moving. If you have the 2.54 first gear, a 3.31 will be OK.

      thnx, jv.