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Remove&replace hi beam switch 55

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  • Remove&replace hi beam switch 55

    I want to remove the hi beam switch in my 55 2 door president, and jacking the car up this morning, it's not where I thought it would be. Can anyone shed light as to if I have to remove the inner wheelhouse panel. Or is it on the other side of the frame rail, opposite the master cylinder. I looked in the shop manual somewhat ,and I didn't stumble across it in the book. I might look in the shop manual again ,with more time now. Thanks mike

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    I dont know about a '55, but every vehicle i've worked on had it mounted with 2 screws to the floor (on the interior side) under the carpet.

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      This is mounted with two screws,on the floor board. But looking at the studebaker international catalog, i wonder about the connectors,because there are maybe three connectors,and it looks large. So I could try unscrewing the switch tomorrow. And see how far that switch actually comes away from the floor. I think that switch drops thru the floor, like it was intended to be serviced by a mechanic. 50's technology. I will try when I get up this morning.


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        You remove the splash pan and remove it from under the car, on pre-1960 models.

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          Good and bad studebaker day, pulled the panel off ,found switch right away, Great. bad part of day found a broken spring ( rather long , I assume it is a pedal return spring , not clutch spring, cause car is automatic. I looked at shop manual ,it says clutch return spring. It doesn't have a clutch. Looks like stude international has a return spring. I didn't notice where the spring connects to. Looking at the shop manual, it's called a support plate. I'll have to look at it again. Pulled on my vent door ,and found that not attach, there's two washers laying in the box . I wonder if that is hard to reattach the nuts. Looks like the spring is laying there too. Something must be wrong, it's all disconnected. Inside it's missing the door to the vent, it just has the pull rod, and the screen attach to the kick panel area.


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            Driver's side doesn't have an inner vent door. The inner vent door on the passenger side is to facilitate forcing air to the heater core.
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              Thank you, Rockne. I wondered why it was only the passenger side.
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                Passenger side does triple duty.

                1) outer door open, inner door open--allows in road dust and air for the feet.

                2) outer door open, inner door closed, air intake for heater (same road dust)

                3) also catches mud and crud so fender can rust out. Makes ya want a new car.

                Very well thot-out system. [)]