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I want to drop down the voltage( ac to dc convert)

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  • I want to drop down the voltage( ac to dc convert)

    I have a 115volt converter AC and it goes to 12vdc ,is there something I can use to drop down the current (load ? ) (some light bulb and socket ? ) to test my stude parts windshield motor, headlights , blinkers, power window motors , can you help me out. Also the headlight filament doesn't look broke, If I take two jumpers to the blades for power, do I need ( well I know I guess ) one extra jumper for the ground? 55 president 2 door

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    Would a 6 volt battery charger work for testing 6 volt equipment? Or would there be an issue with various amperage requirements for various devices (less for gauges and more for a heater motor)?

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      Amperage is a value determined by the power needed by the appliance to operate. You have 'x' voltage applied to the load (appliance), and the appliance 'burns' an engineered amount of power in the form of wattage. This draw on the current is called amperage. There has to be an excess of amperage available for the appliance to burn the amount of amperage it needs to operate. It won't draw more amperage than it needs unless there is something wrong with the appliance. You can have 100 amps available to a 1 amp appliance and 1 amp is all that that appliance will draw.

      It is just like the analogy of your gas tank and carb. The tank holds 20 gallons, but the carb only draws what it needs at any given time. And you don't worry that you have 20 gallons at the end of the gas line.

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