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  • Shift indicator lens

    Hi Guys,

    I am trying to locate a column shift indicator lens for my 62 Hawk. I have a 700R4 transmission and the studebaker shift pattern is different. I don't know what model or make of car I should be looking at. Any ideas???? I'm sure someone out there has solved this problem as a lot of Studes have been converted to chevy engines and chevy transmissions. Thanks for the assistance.

    Rudy Korb
    62 GT Hawk
    71 Avanti

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    Check out this post,sounds like bowtie has what you need



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      I have heard that early Jeep Wagoneer shift indicators before 1970 have the same bezel used by Studebaker. Two weeks ago I saw one at a local pick-a-part but the indicator lens was missing. Perhaps there is a Jeep vendor that makes a repo lens? If so, I would be interested in one also if I convert my 60 to an overdrive automatic.

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        I don't think those would work for an overdrive automatic with four drive positions, only something like a TH350 or TH400. You'd need the whole top of the column too not just the indicator so that the detents would line up. Sounds like you may be in custom territory here - most people would probably put a floor shift in and be done with it, but then again, if the column conversion were done thoughtfully it'd be very subtle and very cool.


        (or just convert to a stickshift and be done with it.)

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        55 Commander Starlight


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          This thread is also a place to look:


          The Wagoneer lens is PRND21 and does not have a [D] for overdrive if that is what you need. Here is the Stude lens compared to the Wagoneer one.

          Good luck finding a lens. Took me years to find a good one, unfortunately. I was seriously considering having one milled out on a CNC mill before I managed to snag one.

          Jeff in ND

          '53 Champion Hardtop

          Jeff in ND