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64 Daytona electrical problem (previously carb)

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    The earlier Delco is just as good as the window - it's also alot more plentiful and cheaper. Most window Delcos for Studes go for $100+

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      I should have read Dick Steinkamps advice more closely. My guess is that maybe the mechanic that replaced the condensor and points did not lube the distributor, but that is only a guess. I will try to lube the distributor cam first. I saw where you can add oil on the distributor.

      1. What is the proper way to lube it?
      2. How often should it be lubed?

      If that doesn't work, I will look into ordering another distributor.

      Thanks again for all the great advice.


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        Also, if possible, let me know if there is a preferred weight oil to use.

        By the way Dick, you have a nice looking Studebaker.