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Champ 6 hard starting

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  • Champ 6 hard starting

    I'm tired of getting stranded. This time it's the starter. It cranks slow under the best circumstances but when it gets hot it either cranks very very slowly or not at all. I measured the power drain on the battery while cranking hot and it was twice what it should be. I took the starter to a reputable shop and it checks out fine. The battery is new. I'll check all the connections and make sure they're tight; other than that what can I do?

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    Mine was doing that as well, took the starter apart to find the center bushing was frozen on the armature and spinning in the support and the bendix end bushing was shot.

    Jon Krimm
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      What size battery cable are you using? If you still have a 6 volt system you need a larger cable than the 12 volt ones commonly available. A small cable will cause starting woes.

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        Agree with Jon. Tear the starter down, and look for signs of the armature having rubbed the pole pieces.

        Also, make certain that you have the proper heavy gauge six volt battery cables (assuming a six-volt Champion). The common parts store replacement cables are meant for 12 volt systems, and can't handle the demands of six volt starters. And make sure the ground cable goes to a GOOD ground on the engine block. Don't use an exhaust manifold bolt, regardless of how handy it might be. The heating/cooling cycles will eventually cause the ground to go bad.

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        Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands


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          Ya, what do you have to lose by taking it apart and cleaning it in gentle solvent, like gasoline? Those guys checked it cold, and it's probably loaded with greasy metallic grime shorting it out when it gets hot. Wash it out and blow it out and let it dry overnight before you try it.


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            The shop said the starter was fine but perhaps he didn't check those areas. Thanks


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              The cable connections must not only be tight, but also CLEAN. very CLEAN. NT

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