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  • radiators

    I have a 2R5 half ton stude pickup, does anyone know if the radiator in my pickup will fit any other models of pickups or stude cars? Thanks for the info Stan


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    I don't think it will fit any Stude cars. It will "fit" (in the sense that it can be bolted up to the radiator support) all Stude 49-55 (and maybe 59) trucks, and would probably work okay on those with the Champion 6-cylinder engine. It will not have enough cooling capacity for the trucks with the V8 or Commander 6 engines.

    Skip Lackie
    Washington DC
    Skip Lackie


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      I used one in my '57 transtar for a few years without any problems. The only thing is, the way it's constructed, you HAVE TO use a lower pressure radiator cap or you bulge the upper tank WAY out of shape! Ask me how I know that....[B)]

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