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wiring harness kits for Studebaker?

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  • wiring harness kits for Studebaker?

    I know that there are a few manufacturers of complete and partial wiring harness kits out there.

    I have one left over from another project only because the owner of that car refused to use it after he found out that it was completely different than OEM for his car.

    I have had that harness for long enough to know that it was probably some JC Whitney junk from the 1980's and that it reeked of cheapness.

    After fooling around with putting an original radio back into my 1950 Studebaker, I have come to realize that I am at a crossroads with the car between driving it like it is and knowing that it could be better, and taking the leap and making it really nice again.

    I saw some repairable but otherwise worn out original wiring and connections under the dash.

    Overall, the wiring is still serviceable, but after seeing so many classic cars burned up due to electrical fires, you tend to want to err on the side of caution.

    My car has been a driver and currently it is receiving some repair that is needed more due to the negligence and ignorance of a friend who has been taking care of it for me.

    Parts were stolen off of it, probably by someone who knew where it was being stored at. (Radio, Antenna, hubcaps, jack and factory emergency equipment, and hood ornament)
    I have replacement parts that I have re-installed.

    The car has a Earl Shive cheap paint job that needs to be re-done, but used to look good from a distance.

    She isn't the finest Champion out there, but she is my Champ, so I tend to lean in the direction of fixing her right and enjoying her for a few more years.

    I know that modern restorations are expensive, but I feel that I am up to the task.

    If I do it I want to have all of the parts I need to replace in advance so that I have less roadblocks to stop forward momentum.

    I used to restore British roadsters so I have some experience and remember the roadblocks that cause a 6 month project to become a two year project.

    Quality parts that are made to original specs would be a plus.

    In absence of that, I would be left to my own creations again.

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    I didn't really see a question in there, but if you are looking for a good source for a wiring harness, I would go to Carl Thoms at Studebakers West. They did a great job on the one for my wagon.

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      quote:Originally posted by 1950 Champion RegalDeluxe

      Overall, the wiring is still serviceable, but after seeing so many classic cars burned up due to electrical fires, you tend to want to err on the side of caution.

      If the wiring is still serviceable, but you want to protect from a possible fire, put a fuseable link (or megafuse) where the harness attaches to power AND another where the wire from the voltage regulator goes to the ammeter. If you use fuseable links, make sure they are OUTSIDE the passenger compartment.

      Even with a new harness you should do the above. Studebaker didn't. Any direct short in the right place will cause a lot of heat and possible fire even with a new harness.

      Dick Steinkamp
      Bellingham, WA

      Dick Steinkamp
      Bellingham, WA


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        I also have heard good things about Studebakers West wiring harnesses.
        Phone is 650-366-8787 and email
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          I just used a Stude.West harness on Barney. Good quality and they follow the OEM harness patterns and wire colors.


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