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    The 1953 Studebaker truck came with a 1954 commander v8, but we cant find a serial number that matches a 54 commander motor. It says it should be a V-282,501 but this engines says V-288,025. I was wondering if anybody would know what type of engine this is.

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    This number: V-282,501 is a SERIAL NUMBER - not a model number. V-282501 was THE first '54 Commander V8 that was put together. The next V8 engine for 1954 would've had V-282,502 and so on and so on. YOUR engine was the 5,524th V8 built that year.

    Take that first serial number [282,501] and add 5,524 to it and see what you get.

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      Thank you very much for your answer, now we can find more parts for it.