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Brake master cyl. upgrade.

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  • Brake master cyl. upgrade.

    I have a 52 2 door hard top I am working on and was wondering what is the best way to morernize my brake master cylinder, it is mounted to the frame and I want to keep it there so I can use my original brake pedal assembly but go with four wheel disc brakes.
    I'm sure you guy's can help.
    Thanks in advance,
    Dean Pearson.

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    Sorry, Modernize, (written by a moreron)


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      Turner Brake, is where you need to look.

      Tex E. Grier


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        I'm going to mount the master and booster back far enough to be accessible by popping out the bottom of the back seat. I figure just run a rod thru the original master back to the new one. Then I can weld up that silly hole in the floor.


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          I went to turner brake and they do list master cylinders so I will call them on Monday to confirm that they have a modern application for a 52 Commander.
          Thanks for the help,
          Dean Pearson.


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            I am working on putting in Turner's dual master cylinder kit. It consists of all the brackets and bolts and a Mitsubishi master cylinder. I will mount a remote fluid container under the hood on the firewall so I won't have to lift the carpet to check the fluid level. There is also added safety with the dual master cylinder. Jim Turner has the entire disc brake setup that many members have used and recommend.

            Jim Caldwell
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