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fender headlight repair

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  • fender headlight repair

    I know some of you have restored the front fender headlight bucket on your hawks, is there someone that reproduces the headlight cap like the people do for the 55 chevy. I have talked to Classic Enterprize and they don't, I remember someone sending me an e-mail of a guy in Richmond VA does he do this, I would hate to cut up a half good fender as I have fenders on my other hawk and wcould just cut the front half off them.

    Studebakers forever!
    Studebakers forever!

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    It would be nice if someone has started making these. If not, it would be nice for someone to give it serious consideration, HINT, HINT.

    Judging from the photos on your other posting, I would think fabricating patches for those areas would require no more time, measuring and pattern making than fitting in a stamped patch panel. I also think you would benefit from the fender rear panels and vent patches offerred by Classic. I used them on my 53. They are not factory perfect and require thought and patience, but are worth it when the metal is this far gone. I'm so glad that job is behind me. I'll quaff a brew on your behalf when mine are bolted on.

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