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  • Power brake vacuum

    I'm using a booster on my 63 Lark project car and was hoping I could simply use the port on the intake manifold (that's now plugged) for my vacuum source.
    In it's previous life, it had a non-power brake. Thanks!

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    I think that sould work.


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      That is where it is supposed to go. Use the hole that is plugged.
      Frank van Doorn
      Omaha, Ne.
      1962 GT Hawk 289 4 speed
      1941 Champion streetrod, R-2 Powered, GM 200-4R trans.
      1952 V-8 232 Commander State "Starliner" hardtop OD


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        Yes, the rear manifold port is used for that AND make sure the hose you use is secure and the check valve in the booster isn't a two way valve (or partially). Many of those "Help" rack parts are made in "youknowwhere" and don't check anything.
        The point being, if that hose leaks, it will lean out the mixture to cylinders 5 & 7. This can cause a lot of headaches. (Ask Paul Johnson aka 53K). I've, also, had 2 cars go thru problems with this.
        Are you using an Edelbrock?, if so, the rear port on the carb base is just for that purpose

        Bob Johnstone

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        55 President State Sedan
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        64 GT Hawk (K7)
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          Thanks for the info!
          I will have to look into the check valve on my NAPA booster. I'll use clamps on the hose!
          My carb's a stock Carter 2v that Dave T-bow rebuilt.