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  • more 56 golden hawk help

    I have had a slow (one or two drops over night) water drip now from both heads on a rebuilt (but not started) 352 packard engine installed back in the 56 GH. Both heads have been pulled and one was shaved .004. the other one has not yet been shaved. I want to avoid pulling the engine if possible but I am concerend about getting these heavy monster heads back on the engine. The right (drivers side) seams OK but the left side could be a problem. Is there a trick to installing the left exhaust manifold after the head is stalled and can the exhaust manifold extension be installed after the manifold is installed. It does not look like there is sufficient space to do it this way. Like to hear from someone who has has had this problem.

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    Yes, the head can be removed and re-installed in the car.

    No, it is not fun. It requires the use of an assortment of extensions, flex sockets, double-jointed midgets and much patience. However, think about this also. If whoever installed the head gasket was not successful with the engine out on the stand, how likely is a successful replacement in a cramped engine compartment where two people are required to handle the heavy head, but there is no room for them to work?

    Maybe, there are options. Have you considered checking to see if there is any water in the cylinders? If not, think about adding a bottle of Moroso Ceramic Seal, starting and heat-cycling the engine a couple of times. I've had some success with external leaks where there was no combustion pressure with which to contend.

    thnx, jack vines