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Uploading photos to SDC Forum (I hope)

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    quote:Originally posted by DEEPNHOCK

    Don't put them in a straight line, unless they are tiny
    (used for your sig line)Putting pic's all horizontal will cause ALL post's afterward to text out too wide to read on a normal PC screen.
    Pic's should be each put on a new line with a space in between each line.

    quote:Originally posted by jnfweber

    Thanks for the help from Hawaii. Now I would like to add these to my Profile, all in a straight line, if possible.
    I do appreciate the advice about vertical stacking, but it is more aesthetic (for me) to see them in a line, chronologically, and these are really tiny (50kb) photos. Besides, I have a new wide screen monitor, so running text over is not a problem (for me). But out of consideration for the 3 x 4 screen format, I will not send the photos on all posts. Thanks. everyone, for the help. I do appreciate the advice and try to be sensitive.[8D]
    Jack, in Montana


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      I like the pics across the bottom. I've got an older display that maxes out at 1024x768 it seems fine for the 5 little pics across the bottom. What really kills me is when people post those mondo huge photos that requre me to scroll right and left for every post in the thread! Oh well...just rambling now.


      **I'm not the best speller...FireFox catches most of my mistakes, but I use IE at work**


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        Large photos can be a little vexing. What really PMO is when folks quote someone's post and don't go to the trouble of editing out the photos so you scroll them over and over again.

        PMO stands for "Puts me out".[)]
        "All attempts to 'rise above the issue' are simply an excuse to avoid it profitably." --Dick Gregory

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          To Fred-Ozarkmam. Brad-Roekne10.

          That's my Pet Peeve, that's way i had i Pop Quiz.


          Jeff=Deephock. What's a normal p.c. screen.[?][?]

          I have the fix. Well post later.


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            What's up there now is perfect....
            As a tag line set of pic's they fit fine....
            My comment was about stringing four or five 640x480, or 800x600 pic's all in a row horizontally.
            That really messes up the text and makes it run way off the page and then you have to use the scroll tool to read the post...
            And it is all the following post's in that thread.
            I have no clue as to what is considered normal any more...
            This post fits fine on my laptop screen.

            quote:Originally posted by nibbs53
            Jeff=Deephock. What's a normal p.c. screen.[?][?]

            HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


            Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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              I think it's called "trial and error" when you aren't getting paid for it. If you're receiving a check, it's referred to as "Research and Development".