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6 cyl carburetor interchange

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  • 6 cyl carburetor interchange

    My 51 Champion has a 715S Carter WE Carb and could use rebuilt. I have located a similar Carter Carb WE 2108S that is listed as being for a 1954 - 56 Champion. It looks identical and it uses the same rebuild kit; could I use this while mine is being rebuilt? What is the difference? I've never rebuilt a carb before; is it a daunting task?

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    My guess is it will run just fine. I don't know what the difference is but it is probably minor. This is a simple carb to rebuild. Just take it a step at a time and take lots of pictures.

    Here are mine:




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      The only real differences are the settings and oriface sizes for the different engine sizes. The differences shouldn't be too far off but you may have to adjust a bit for the richer or leaner condition.



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        I am not sure about the 54 up WE carb, but the one on my 53 engine had a different base than the 52 version. The 53 intake on my engine has an extra provision for carb heat that the 52 did not. The carbs themselves seem basically alike otherwise. I think the rebuild kit has gaskets for both bases, but the carb may not fit your manifold correctly. I would have to check my parts books to say for sure. You could temporarily use the later manifold if you have it.
        As far as the rebuild goes, if you can follow the instructions it shouldn't be too hard. A one barrel is pretty simple.

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          Thanks to all