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What Is This Part ?

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  • What Is This Part ?

    This metal Tbar Curve part fell off the underside of my 78 Avanti II as I parked it in the garage last night. I crawled under with a flashlight to give a looksee around the engine compart, but could not see anything missing from below or top. It's 7 in. long and the head portion is 4 1/4 wide. If anyone can ID this, I would greatly appreciate the help.

    Thx, Jerry

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    Jerry, if the bottom piece fell on the floor, I'd say you have a hole in the floor. If the top piece fell off, I think you may want to find out if anything else fell off before you drive it again. It's not the part you found that's the problem, it's the other parts that fell off before you got home. On the bright side, maybe it fell off someone else's car and got stuck in your radiator. No wait, that wouldn't be good either. Hopefully it holds something non-essential that won't hurt to lose, like the front bumper. No wait, driving over the bumper wouldn't be good either. On second thought, I think you're screwed!


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      It looks like a Sturgits mount to me- did Studes use them, or is it just MoPars?

      Robert K. Andrews Owner- IoMT (Island of Misfit Toys!)
      Parish, central NY 13131


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        In Naval Aviation we have something called TFOA, which stands for 'Things Falling Off Aircraft'...
        Maybe we need to rename it to "Things Falling Off Avantis"? [:0] [)]
        You'd have to do some paperwork for that~ make a few reports to your higher ups and all- though it did happen in your garage, so you might be okay...

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          It appears one end of that piece is oily, so you might try looking for the nearest oil leak. Not having a Stude engine should make that quest much easier. Ha! No offense intended to you 63-64 Avanti guys!


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            We had the Avanti on the shop lift and spent an hour looking everywhere. Found nothing missing anywhere. Maybe it fell off my power mower and I ran over it backing into the garage. I looked thru the Jags catalog and the closet thing I saw was a mounting bracket for an alternator. Drove the car this morning with no ill effects or strange noises or vibrations. The search will continue.