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anyone pull their waterpump off a 259?

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  • N8N
    yes, you can do it, you just need a little patience and flexibility. Remove the fan with the belt still on to keep from driving yourself nuts. Also take a long bolt the same thread as the fan bolts and cut the head off so you can line up the WP flange, pulley(s), and fan when reinstalling. then once you get two regular bolts started unscrew the headless bolt.


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  • 14x7
    started a topic anyone pull their waterpump off a 259?

    anyone pull their waterpump off a 259?

    I just got the car back ,but the waterpump leaks . Can I pull the fanbolts out without having to disconect the shroud, or radiator? the shop said it's a pain to put the radiator back in , it took a long time with that shroud in there. I need to change the waterpump. [^]Can i leave the shroud on to change the waterpump?This is a 55 president coupe.