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Front spring 526122

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  • Front spring 526122

    Anybody know what this front spring fits?? 526122

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    It fits the FRONT, nels, the FRONT! Ok, just kidding.

    Front coil spring, heavy duty. 1953-66 car all models except Avanti.

    '50 Champion, 1 family owner


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      According to the '51-'54 chassis parts book I happened to have out, that part is a haavy duty spring for models 10G, 12G, 14G W&F, and 15G W&F Canada.

      So, basically its a heavy duty Champion spring for '51 and '52 all body types and '53 and '54 2dr and 4dr sedans.

      My parts manual only covers '51-'54 so if it was used on later models I don't know.

      Jeff in ND

      '53 Champion Hardtop

      Jeff in ND


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        Well I've pulled down the front suspension from two full package 64 Daytona two doors and I'm pretty sure both had the 526122. The parts manual calls for 1561664 for the high performance 64 2 dr Daytona. It seems the 64 Super cars had a mismatch of parts. I've also noticed some have six leaf and some five leaf rear springs. Seems odd these things are not documented in the shop manual. Anybody else have similar experiences?