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id of part 1312034-35

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  • id of part 1312034-35

    none of my books identify part 1312034 or 35. 1312030 and 31 are in my books as radiator side grille. assume 1312034 and 35 are side grilles also but for what car. I got them as spare parts when i bought three 56 golden hawks, two of which have been restored, the third went to the junk yard and i have part 1312034 and 35 left over (among other 56j parts)

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    They are "internal" part numbers. That is to say, they're numbers of unfinished parts. You can't read the part numbers you see cast into things and expect to find those numbers in the parts book, being as how unfinished parts were never meant to be used or sold.

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      1312034 is the left side grille on my 1959 Silver Hawk.

      If that is what it is (considering previous reply) would you like to sell it?

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