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generator assembly 12 volt

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  • gordr
    Al's right, neither stud on the generator should make contact with the metal case, and it probably would burn out if you tried to run it that way. An auto-electric shop would be the best source for the fiber bushings you need.

    The starter drive behavior is normal. Spin the starter on the bench, and the drive pops out and locks there. It requires a little over-driving on the part of the engine to disengage it. You CAN retract it manually if you can locate the lock pin and depress it with a fine probe tool while twisting on the pinion, but it's absolutely unnecessary. Just install it extended anyway. It will work fine.

    Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands

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  • goodkarmech
    Hello - I understand a fair amount about generators, but occasionally I have to defer to the experts. We use these guys at our automotive shop in Sausalito. Rite Way electric.
    They are always helpful over the phone, (415) 882-4444 and if you need generator work or parts can do the work for you and ship by mail I would think. I would think you are correct that both the Armature and field terminals should be insulated where the contacts go through the body of the generator. As for the starter, I would try running it again with power. Sounds like the starter drive is just stuck and another spin may be what frees it. You will not damage it by free running it for a few seconds. Just seems scary because when the connections are made there can be a spark and the motor will jump as it starts spinning. Good luck, and call rite way to ask about thie terminal insulators.

    Al Reed
    North Bay Area, CA

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  • Ray Stewart
    started a topic generator assembly 12 volt

    generator assembly 12 volt

    1957 289 Not sure what has been done to the generator prior so just want to be sure. The electical studs as of right now: the Armature terminal pulls tight to the metal casing inside (making metal-to-metal contact) and has an insulator on the outside while Field stud has an insulater inside and out. This does not seem right to me and i don't want to hook it up only to find out I burnt it up. Should either terminal contact the housing? If not, where could I get a pair (one in & one out) of the isolation parts? Machine shop boring cylinders has my manual. STARTER??? The starter on same SH looked like it had never been rebuilt so I grounded the housing and touched the cable to positive to insure it worked (before I spit polished it). The worked but now the gear is not retracting...normal or did I damage it? How do I get the gear to retract to install starter?
    Thanks, in advance, for your help. This forum is a valuable aid for me since I live at 49 & Plum (49 miles from nowhere & plum out in the sticks...don't get Monday night football till Thursday).

    Ray Stewart SDC
    51 pick-up
    57 silver hawk
    62 lark