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    A friend of mine is rebuilding a '57 G.H. He got a rebuild kit for the Stromberg carb. When he got into the carb. he found there are parts that the P.O. had left out. So now he is looking for a rebuilt one. At least an old rebuildable one. Any suggestions?

    John Ratliff

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    For a '57 GH, if he's not savvy on the carb, I would just send the old one to Dave T-bow and have done with it. That's too special a car to play maybe with.
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      "All we have to fear is carbs themselves".


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        I find carburetors pretty simple and straightforward to work on. A carb on a supercharged car is only modestly harder to do. They can become a nightmare if some doofus has simplified the carburetor (left parts out), modified, or made adjustments with a monkey wrench. This happens more often than one might think, and can, depending on severity, leave you holding a gassy smelling paperweight. LH
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