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1959 SH Shop Manual Work for 1957 SH?

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  • 1959 SH Shop Manual Work for 1957 SH?

    I have recently bought a 57 Silver Hawk and need a shop manual. I have found a good deal on one for a 59 and was wondering if the two year models are close enough that the 59 manual would serve my needs? The 59 manual covers engine, chassis and body. Thanks for your comments.

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    Absolutely, Joe.

    Offhand, I can think of a couple areas that will be different:

    1. Regardless of the engine in your '57 (six or V-8), the 1959 Shop Manual will reference a comparable engine with a shorter stroke.

    2. The only carburetors that will be similar will be the 4-bbl V-8. Both 2-bbl V-8 and six carburetors are considerably different between 1957 and 1959.

    3. Driveshaft material in the 1959 manual will not be applicable to your '57 because the '57 has a 2-piece driveshaft and the 1959 Silver Hawk did not.

    4. Ditto the transmission material as regards the tailshaft; 1959 transmissions, regardless of type, will have a longer tailshaft.

    5. If your 1957 Silver Hawk has power steering, the 1959 power steering material will not apply to your '57 as the systems were changed completely between 1957 and 1959.

    There are surely other subtle differences and perhaps others will post those. But, overall, you'll find a 1959 Studebaker Shop Manual about 90% applicable to your 1957 Silver Hawk, depending on your car's engine, transmission, and optional equipment.

    It would help if you would post what type engine and transmission are in your '57. BP
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      Thanks for the summary. My 57 Silver Hawk is a V8, AT with no other options. Based on your comments, the 59 Shop Manual should be worth having for the items it does cover. I can always come back to the forum to fill in the "gaps".


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        quote:Originally posted by Joe Nichols

        I can always come back to the forum to fill in the "gaps".
        That is correct, except: it would be more helpful than you know at this point, to have the Chassis Parts Catalog and the Body Parts Catalogs! [^]

        They are available at Studebaker Vendors in book form OR you can get the whole works, WITH the Shop Manual on CD Rom Disc. for $20.00! [:0]

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          Sounds like a deal to me. jimmijim
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            Good luck with the Hawk, Joe- I know you'll make a great CASO! :-)

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