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Power steering idea?

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  • studebakerkid
    I think you guys may be makin this to hard. If the suspension/steering is still stock why not just change it to power steering.

    I have the parts sitting im my loft that came off a Lark. I never will use it as I like the manual feel.

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  • Alan
    The early Mustangs had a Saginaw box that works well in C's and K's but if you put one in a Lark or Avanti you have to drop the tie rod.

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  • Warren Webb
    Studebakers use a steering box where the pitman arm goes "north/south" while the Mustang you refer to has a pitman arm going "east/west" that requires an idler arm on the passenger side. Even if you modified the mounting so as to use the Mustang box setup, there would be questions on bump steer that may arise, whereas the Stude with the bellcrank & equal tie rod length takes that question away. Also the linkage would have to be mounted forward enough to clear the oil pan & if I'm correct, that may not be possible unless you used a bellcrank setup, which puts it back to the way Stude designed it in the first place!

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  • 1962larksedan
    started a topic Power steering idea?

    Power steering idea?

    Borgeson came out with an integral PS conversion for the 1965-70 Mustang.

    Why I brought it up is that OEM Mustang gears back then were tiny and it may be possible to retrofit the above aftermarket 'box utilizing some custom steering linkage with an idler arm. If it was doable; read that enough oil pan clearance, it would eliminate a bunch of PITA things like the bellcrank, etc.

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