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Backspacing-once again

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  • Backspacing-once again

    ok I apologize in advance.. Ive read many posts re rims/tire sizes, backspacing offset etc, until my eyes are now glazed over.

    I have a chance to buy some nice 6" chrome rims that have 3" backspacing, -19mm offset. On my 58 Hawk, the current backspacing on the stock rim is about 4" or so. I've also measured the distance from the widest part of my current tire to the fender lip - About 2 1/2" clearance. There is of course more clearance at the top of the tire. I won't be changing tire size.

    With the new rims, I have 1" less backspace and 1 1/2" wider wheel.
    Seems my clearances are getting close..

    I can't easily trial fit these rims; my car is garage bound at the moment and borrowing one of the new rims is not an option..

    Has anyone else changed to 6" rims with 3" backspace on a Hawk
    like mine? Any clearance issues? Thanks,

    Joe D.

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    Not so much clearance issues, but it will be harder to steer since there is a greater scrub radius.