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Lark OHV 6 A/C Completed...

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  • Lark OHV 6 A/C Completed...

    Well, after taking time ou for knee surgery, I got the 6 cylinder
    A/C conversion in our 63 Lark completed and up and running. The
    small Sanden type rotary compressor doesn,t Hardly seem to impact power a noticeable amount. One thing that worked out better than
    my original expectations, was the installation of (2) 1250 cfms,
    12 inch electric fans that I got from Summit Racing for about $50.
    each. We drove the car in a 4th of July Parade and the car just
    barely got up to operating range. Because the electric fans require
    quite a bit of electricity to run, I did upgrade to a one wire GM
    type,100 amp alternator. That was almost a complete drop in, as it did fit inside the Studebaker bracket just right, but I did have to grind a very small amount off the front of the alternator to move the alternator forward just enough so the pulley would line up perfectly. The man who sold me the alternator suggested I use a double pulley type alternator as it help to line up the belts and pulleys better. All in All I am really pleased with the way everthing worked out. The A/C unit seems to put out plenty of nice cold air.This was quite a project,so I am really glad it is done.

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    Robert (Bob) Andrews- on the IoMT (Island of Misfit Toys)
    Parish, central NY 13131