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1950 front brakes

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  • 1950 front brakes

    after reading this post I am very encouraged about getting front disc brakes and a much bigger selection of wheels. My question now is who has new 51 or newer spindles for sale and if I get the newer spindles and bolt them in can I then just bolt on a turner disc brake kit for a 51 and newer car or should I go a different route? Has anyone done this other than Sonny? I would love to hear how it went. Also has any one mounted a brake booster master cylinder setup under there car?Thanks,brakes

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    I haven't done this swap, but I have a pair of the later spindles that aren't doing anything but laying in a box. Maybe you could put the lazy buggars back to work!

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      that sounds great I could do the swap and post with pics to help some of the other guys out. This seems to be a topic asked about many times as far as I can tell from my searches on this forum and across the net.As you can tell from the pics I attached to my other post I have a lot of work to do on this project but it sure would be nice to get these gotcha problems like the front brakes and the back fenders that I need to replace taken care of so I can concentrate on the rest of the car without worrying about getting close to the end and finding out I can't get fenders or good front brakes.please email me with the details thanks again.


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        Don't forget to add a dual reservoir master cylinder while your at it.
        For questions about the Turner brake mod, ask him. He should know.


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          Have a look here: http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...TOPIC_ID=22546 or
          It may help with your project. A power booster under the floor is not possible but under the front guard is quite easily done.

          Allan Tyler Melbourne Australia