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Engine Mounts on 54 Champion Coupe

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  • N8N
    I think you only have to remove the crossmember if you are pulling the engine/trans completely, if you're just replacing the mounts it can be done with only jacking up the trans slightly. That said, there's probably enough grease on there that if you're like me, you'll want to pull the x-member anyway to clean/paint it...


    55 Commander Starlight

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  • Tom Bredehoft
    Put the car on jack stands (or if you're lucky a hoist) support the back of the transmission with a jack or some such, remove the two nuts to the transmission supports in the crossmember and the two nuts to the bellhousing and wiggle the little rascals out. Because of accumulated oil and dirt, its usually hard to see what you're doing there.

    Tom Bredehoft
    '53 Commander Coupe (since 1959)
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    (Under Construction 617 hrs.)
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  • coupe54
    started a topic Engine Mounts on 54 Champion Coupe

    Engine Mounts on 54 Champion Coupe

    Hi, I'm new here. I just bought a 54 coupe. It has a resonating viberation in the car at ldle, I think is due to the broken down rear engine mount. Seems to be felt mostly in the floor in the trans hump area. I already replaced the front mounts. Is is possible to replace the rear mount without removing the engine or bellhousing from the car, or dropping the crossmember? How do I do this? Thank you, Bill.