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63 avanti rare NOS parts

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    If you have no need for the parts and are truly interested in selling them, I would list them with a low starting price and set the reserves at the price of what new reproduction parts cost.

    If they are NOS rare/hard to find parts, Ebayers will pay likely bid them up beyond current repro prices.

    Then, consider setting BIN prices for each part that's well above current reproduction prices.

    You never know, someone might really need a particular part (the last piece of the puzzle) and be happy paying your BIN price just to secure it.

    Just my $.02

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  • Warren Webb
    I've seen the glass headlamp lens go for $200 or better used so naturally nos should bring more. When I bought my lenes they weren;t hard to find so I cant help you there. If the weatherstrip is factory & is one piece instead of multiple pieces found in the repro's, that should bring more. If you go the e-bay route, put your starting price at least near what a repro would cost & set your reserve to what you feel is appropriate. Some of the original upholstery is still around, but if yours is a color that is rare, then you know what to do. Nice find! Its good to see your doing your due dilligence to get all your ducks in order too.

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  • stugatsr2
    started a topic 63 avanti rare NOS parts

    63 avanti rare NOS parts

    Is there any kind of guide for nos avanti parts as far as a price;nos round headlite glass-weatherstripping-upholstery-
    tailite & parking lite lenses-& frames-s/c avanti body plates,etc.
    or just list on ebay?