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    I have a chance to buy a 63 Lark (289ci) parts car; just wondering what the most desirable parts are.. I know the Saginaw steering is a plus, which I might try to transplant into my Hawk someday, but anything else that comes to mind? Thanks,

    Joe D.

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    Just off the top of my head. So far as big stuff goes, all of the drive train parts should be of interest, also, with a 289 engine the diff. is most likely the heavier Dana 44 (Don't forget to see if its twin traction to boot!) V-8 brake drums are always sought after, especially the 11 inch fronts, and even better if they happen to be finned, and save the brake shoes for rebuildable cores. King pins should be the later ones with less caster (a bit more steering effort, but the "feel" is more precise). That 1963 windshield will fit later model Wagonaires, but not the other later Lark types. Doors and rear fenders should work on later cars as well. Good window winders (especially driver's) are good to have.


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      ok thank you; do you happen to know if that 63 Lark rear end is
      the flanged axle or still the tapered? thanks,

      Joe D.


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        That axle is still tapered, Joe.


        Clark in San Diego
        '63 F2/Lark Standard

        Clark in San Diego | '63 Standard (F2) "Barney" |


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          The rear body panel and the trunk floor will fit lots of other cars, if it is not too far gone. I salvaged a trunk floor out of a 63 4 door sedan and welded it in place of my badly rusted pan on my 66.

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