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  • U-channels

    OK, it's time to replace the window u-channels and the cat whiskers on the 64 Cruiser and I have a few questions. First, how do you remove the u-channels from the top and back side of the windows channels? Also, how do you remove the cat whiskers - does the window also have to be removed to do this? And finally, is the vent window u-channel removable and if so how does that come out? As always, any and all answers are gratefully appreciated.

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    The flexible u-channel is usually only held at the bottom of the run by a clip that pushes into the rigid channel that is already there. The cat whiskers have little round push clips that attach to the outside of the door - inside is probably attached to the door panel with staples or something similar.

    The vent window u-channel comes out with the vent window - it is rigid. It has pop rivets that attach it to the vent window frame.

    The door window will probably not have to come out - you might have to take the rubber bump-stop out so it will roll down a little farther.

    With all this being said, all this was done with pre-63 cars and trucks - there were always changes so it might not be totally correct...

    Best of luck.

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      on my 53 c coupe i had a lot of problems with the little clips on the cat whiskers. After I installed them with the metal push clps the clips rubbed on the glass and looked terrible. I called my brother in california who does window glass on custom cars. He told me throw the clips away and use 3 M double sided tape. It worked out beautifully and problem solved. dont know if this will work for you application but you may want to consider