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Brake bleeding system

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  • Brake bleeding system

    Anyone had any luck with these one-person brake bleeding systems?

    Since my wife's new 2008 vehicle recommends replacing brake fluid every three years, thinking about doing the same to my brand X and the Studebakers. This would make it much easier...

    Any comments/personal experience?

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    I have one and used it on my car. Really can't say it worked, I had other brake problems at the time. BUT it did pull the fluid through the system fast and quicker then pumping the brakes. I went to self bleeder screws and they have worked great for me.

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      Yep, I use one a lot.

      Secret is to lube the bleeder screw threads with silicon or other grease and only crack the bleeder enough to pull the fluid.

      Works with DOT3,4 or 5



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        For fluid replacement, I use a vacuum extractor. The seel them at Griot's Garage. They just attach to a bleeded port. Open the port and pull the new fluid through the system.

        For bleeding, the best one-person contraption that I have seen mimics a human helper. It is an air driven, remote operated device that goes from the steering wheel to the pedal. And if pupms and holds the pedal upon your command, from whatever wheel you happen to be at. They cast around $200, but they are the best.

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