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  • hood struts

    Ok I think it becomes time to develop some decent hoodstruts for the Hawk.

    Looking around I have not seen anybody with the bolt on points in the front half of the fenders and the front of the hood till the radiator bow.
    Nor did I see a cross -construction in front of the radiator.
    I wonder if there might be gas struts consisting of three or more pieces just like a radio antenna.
    Dick Waterreus

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    And here are my first thoughts.
    Needed:1 gasstrut about 400mm Force about 25 kg
    1 steeltube round id about30mm lenght about 400mm
    1 spring thin windings ,od is about 28 mm Force when eject is about 25 kg
    the spring is put in the tube.
    this makes when erected and put upon eachother about 1200mm
    Upper mountingpoint is where top of grill meets hood.
    Lower mountingpoint is between radiator and hood -catch.

    On top of the tube there is a balansclick just as on a boattrailer whinch.This click will hold the gasstrut in position when the sping is erect.

    When hood is down and is released it comes up itself or whit little help and the balansclick is blocked in position by hand

    Lowering is unblock the click and push the hood gently down to its catch and push it in there as normal but with maybe some extra power depending on the total balance of the system.
    Have no drawing or materials yet.
    I doubt this will work for a Hawk before 1962 ,because there is more space behind the grill of the GT.
    Please comment.
    Dick Waterreus


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      It is so much easier.
      Take two gasstruts about 450 mm lenght put them BESIDE eachother for instance in a steel box or with clamps,one is upright one is down right so you get 3x 450 mm than you need two fastening points.
      In the hood and just behind the hood clamp that adds another 70 mm.When open you have a 1420 mm opening whitch is nice.
      As the hood puts in about 12 kg I think you need two struts of 6 + 2.5
      = is 8,5kg The series I will use is 8mm rod and 19 mm tube with damping in both inboth sides.
      Must still talk wifh a manufacturer if things are posible but I have good hope.


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        Kind of a 'Catch 22' on the struts...
        The Hawk hood support(s) on the sides aren't all that strong, and the grille and nose make it quite a hefty load to hold up.
        With the advent of all the mini-van liftgates, long stroke gas struts are now common and relatively inexpensive in the aftermarket.
        Mounting points and open position weight load would be what needs working out.
        And putting the struts on the sides would limit access to the engine bay.
        (This would be my pet peeve, if there was one)
        A properly placed gas strut would push the hood forward as required, so it could work out...
        I'd like to see someone's version, or an attempt at it.
        Good post!
        HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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