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Finned Hawk "Finish Strip"

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  • Finned Hawk "Finish Strip"

    There is a "finishing stip" which is fastened "behind" the fin on finned Hawks to cover the seam between the fin and the quarter panel. (The seam on the outside surface is covered by a strip of bright work.) This "finishing strip" is attached using small threaded fasteners which get small nuts on the underside. Getting the nuts on in the trunk is bad enough but how are you to get to the fasteners to put on the nuts once you work your way to the interior of the car? I am about ready to get out a saber saw to cut a hole for my hand.

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    Put up your saber saw and get out your high tech putty knife. The studs that are hidden do NOT have nuts on them. They are pushed into "barrel" clips, like on a nameplate. So use the putty knife under the finishing strip close to the stud and pry up on the strip. May have to pry each one up a little at a time so that you don't bend the strip.


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      I knew there was something I did not understand. Thank you, Herb.