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57 3E11, Hot coil or Vapor Lock?

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  • GTtim
    The vapor lock that I have experienced happens at idle and slow traffic, not on the highway. Going down the road brings more air circulation to the engine compartment which helps to keep things a little cooler.

    Tim K.
    '64 R2 GT Hawk

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  • Mike Van Veghten
    Don't forget the distributors condensor.
    It WILL do the same thing a bad coil does. I know this for fact..!


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  • Bill Elbert
    started a topic 57 3E11, Hot coil or Vapor Lock?

    57 3E11, Hot coil or Vapor Lock?

    I drove my 57 3E11, Commander 6, 125 miles to the farm this early a.m. with no problems, on the return trip I was pulling an empty 16' flatbed. It was 105 on the return trip, about 30 miles from home she starting losing power and "lurching" in 4th gear, got down to driving the last 2 miles in third. I have been having problem with what I thought was vapor lock on hot days, ran OK but if you killed it, she wouldn't start for about 20 minutes. Saw on an earlier thread here or on Stude truck talk about a hot coil mimicking a vapor lock. Do my symptons sound like a hot coil breaking down, ie loss of power and "lurching" ? Any modern coils that you guys reccomend, remember a few years ago on one of our vintage tractors having a helluva time finding a good new coil.
    Thanks in Advance
    Bill Elbert Steward
    Strawn Texas

    Bill Elbert

    57 3E11
    48 M16
    46 M15
    46 M5