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    Hey everybody! I'm new here and I have a few questions about my car.
    I have a 63 Wagonaire and I'm wondering how to identify my transmission.
    Also, when my car is running in park or reverse, there is a weird vibrating noise that sounds like it's coming from the column. Ever heard of this?
    Thank you in advance for any help!!!!


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    Since they are the ends of the linkage travel, I would guess that the rubber bushings on the linkage are either worn out or totally missing causing the vibration from the driveline to transmit thru the linkage. When its in any of the ranges in between, then there is no pressure on the linkage & little or no vibration is transmitted.

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      Others can tell you more about the trans. you have, but the buzzing sound is telling you your trans. fluid is low.
      It's the regulator "hunting" for pressure.

      If your fluid is up on the (fluid hot) dipstick, remove your pan, clean the pan and filter or replace the filter if it's damaged or very dirty..



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        Check your rear motor mounts they could be collapsed.


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          My rear motor mounts look like they're in good shape, I was actually under there today. Having a low fluid level could possibly be the culprit, but wouldn't that buzzing noise occur when I am in drive too?
          I'm pretty sure I blew a seal in the bell housing of my transmission yesterday, that's why I'm playing 20 questions. I guess I'm just trying to figure out why.
          My car has the 259 ci. Any help with identifying my transmission would be really great. Where do I find casting numbers?

          Thanks for all your input!!!



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            If the transmission has a column shift with a PNDLR pattern, it would be a Flightomatic, built by Borg-Warner. It is similar to transmissions used by Ford and American Motors. It is a 3 speed, but when in drive, it starts in second gear. First gear is available in L or on a hard kickdown when starting in D. On the left side of the transmission, at the rear of the throttle valve lever, there is a data plate. If the transmission has cooling lines going to the radiator, it is the HD version. Parts are readily available from Studebaker vendors and some FLAPS. I would recommend getting a copy of the factory shop manual before proceeding with any repairs or adjustments.

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