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M5 door glass (division)

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  • garyash
    I think I used brass tubular rivets to attach the whiskers. Everything else in the window assemblies also uses brass tubular rivets. Brass was chosen because it won't scratch glass if the glass rubs on it.

    I went out and looked at the divisions on my M5. The heads are buried deeply in the whiskers so they can't be seen unless you are poking around and it's hard to get your head where you can see them anyway. [Note for non-owners of M5 trucks: the divisions are presed on to the front edge of the door window with glass setting tape. The vent window rear edge closes against the fuzzy whiskers on the leading edge of the division.]

    My eventual solution to setting the tubular rivets was to place a bearing ball on the end of the tube and squeeze it down with ViseGrips to splay the tube enough that it starts to grip. Then take the ball off and squeeze the tube down tight with the ViseGrips. The ball wants to be just a little bigger than the tube diameter. Buy lots of balls because they fly off until you get the technique down. I also drilled a V-shape hole in the end of a 3/8" square steel bar to use as a tool to round over the tubes once the ball had started to spread it. The problem is usually having enough hands to hold all of the parts, hammer, and buck and being able to get the rivet head against something hard and stationary.

    Yes, the glass setting tape is not supposed to be sticky - that's what makes it easy to use. It's a mixture of ground cork and rubber, so it compresses as you push the glass in but then provides enough grip that the glass can't slide or come out.

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  • mrossbach
    started a topic M5 door glass (division)

    M5 door glass (division)

    Hello, the wisker that goes in the is it attached?
    regular rivets or the tubular rivets?...
    I wish someone had a complete guide for the door glass, and complete asembly!!!Showing installing the glass in the door...
    A home video would be nice!!!
    thanks mike r. mich...
    P/S...I bought the setting tape from was not stickey on either side?[8]