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need help identifying 6cly engine

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  • need help identifying 6cly engine

    I am ruuning replacement engine in my 1951 champ. When I bought it from a friend about 12 years ago I was told it was rebuilt 1947 engine. Then somewhere along the line I was told it was 1955 engine. It has run fine all these years until Sunday when the timing gear on the cam broke into many small pieces. The number stamped into the block on top left corner is 66237. Can anybody please tell me from this number what this engine actually is ?
    thanks, studebakeron

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    Go to home page, look in tech tips, find 6 cylinder number listing. That number may not be good. Check the list and try reading the number again?


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      Ron; the Serial number is on the left SIDE of the block at the front, near the top but not on the top, that would be on the head.

      This does not sound like a good Serial number, but if it had one more number it could be a Truck part number which could be the new factory replacement engine part number. Are you sure it is STAMPED into the block? Usually there is a tin tag for the part number.

      Check the raised Casting Number of the block (six digits, ignore any ending or above/below dash numbers), I think it might be found on the Right side.

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        If you're sure that number is correct (66237) with only five digits, it would have to be a 1940 engine!

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