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  • Champ overdrive

    I need some pictures of the proper set-up of the carb linkage for
    V8 three speed overdrive. The engine is cast # 535801, stamped #
    either V529259 or V529239. Body 7e5-122. I don't know whether
    this is original equipment or not but the carb is Rochester 2bl
    and the linkage is hand made. Thanks in advance for the help.
    According to the title this is a 1963 Studebaker Champion Pick-up
    GVW 5000LBS.

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    It WAS a 1962 6 Cyl. long wheelbase (122") 8 Ft. Box, Champ 1/2 Ton Pickup, NOT a V-8, NOT Champion, and NOT a 1963.

    The Engine is a Car engine, although they are basically the same as a 1955-1964 Truck engine except engine mounts, engine mount brackets, clutch housing, clutch, Transmission etc.

    Per this on our website, it is a 1961 Lark 259 V-8 Engine.

    The Carb. would be a Bendix/Stromberg WW 6-12X (X meaning 3rd. digit varies) 2 Brl. Carb. not a GM Rochester.

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      You have a 1962 truck that originally had a six cylinder engine. The six cylinder trucks have a smaller hole in the floorboard for the rubber boot, and linkage that runs across the firewall to the right side.
      A V8 truck uses a bell-crank assembly attached to the back of the left side cylinder head. If you have that part you may not need anything else.
      The Rochester carb isn't correct, but they usually work pretty good and you might as well keep it unless you want the correct Stromberg carb.
      A 1962 truck could get registered as a '63 if it was sold new in 1963 or even late in 1962.


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        Thanks to Dwain G. for the diagram and info and to StudeRich for what will be tune up information. I need to register with the STF,
        although I would guess by the color, orange, that this truck had a
        railroad heritage. FWIW the wheelbase measures 123". And I could
        still use a diagram for the location of the overdrive switch which
        is currently in a position where it never contacts the carb. linkage.
        Again, thanks for the help. Always thankful for the forum and the help.


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          The scan should have been larger for easier viewing, but you can see the switch there, and it's 'aimed' at its mounting hole at the top of the bell crank. You have to look harder to see the lock nut that holds the switch in place. The switch is activated by the 'paddle' attached to the vertical linkage.
          The orange could be a fleet color for a railroad, forest service, state DOT, etc. Or it could be a stock color, Omaha Orange.

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            Thanks again Dwain, at 200% things show up better. There are a number of other issues with the wiring and I' m thinking about
            using the cable to control the OD until I have a chance to sort
            everything out. Years ago I had a 6cyl 3spd overdrive that worked that way IIRC.