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  • Reusing Headliner

    The windlace in my car is bad, but the headliner is in really good shape. Some of the insulation has fallen down on it inside however. Anyone ever reuse a headliner?

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    This question depends on the model and year, as the metal claw strips in the roof vary.

    Just three days ago I had my '64 Daytona Hardtop Windlace replaced by a Upholsterer, he left the headliner tucked into the claw strip and cut out and removed the old Windlace from between the body and the claw strip and pushed the new material back where the old was.

    The Windlace has to be custom made by adding a strip of material with the small seat cover piping stitched to it to lock the Windlace in.

    The distance from the round rubber part of the Windlace to the piping is critical for this to work correctly, my Windlace was made by Phantom Interiors and was close to correct, but the piping was too close to the round part of the Windlace, causing it to try to go UNDER the headliner.

    Done correctly this should work fine, but it is best to have someone who has done several of your model and year of Studebaker MAKE AND INSTALL the Windlace after buying the special small 1/2" dia. material, not the common GM/Ford kind that is 3/4" Dia.

    Be advised that on most models to correctly install a headliner, the front and rear glass must be removed to glue it to the roof. A very good reason to leave well enough alone, if your headliner is acceptable! [:0]

    Edit: sorry I missed the part about the tar paper roof insulation falling down on the headliner. In that case (yours) the best way is remove and replace the Insulation, Headliner, Windlace with NEW and R&R the front and rear glass with new gaskets.

    The insulation may have already ruined the headliner by stretching it.
    Reusing the headliner will be very iffy, if vinyl maybe, if cloth NO.

    Second Generation Stude Driver,
    Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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      The vinyl seems OK, I have a friend to pull and replace the glass so thats no big deal. Its a 61 Lark with white vinyl.